2023 Plans

by Ben Gill


For 2023 we are re-surfacing this blog as a more Pet Grooming specific blogging platform for us (hence the gap!). But I just wanted to take the time to give an update as to what we are up to right now!

2022 Q4

Before I discuss 2023 though, I just want to re-cap where our focus was! So for Q4 our main focus was maintenance, maintenance and more maintenance. What does this mean? Well it mean’t a couple of things really, 1) not many visible changes! Perhaps the most visible of changes was the refresh we gave to repeat appointment bookings. 2) implementing customer feedback, so whether this was an annoying feature, a sub optional user journey in the software, or something we promised a long time ago, we were focussing on these things, DIRECTLY from customer feedback. Each bit of feedback got an allocated ticket number, and we meticulously went through each one! Are we done? Well as of right now (28th December 2022) there are about 12 tickets outstanding!

We have also put some more effort into our Groom School product. We did an initial phase on this 12 months ago, and with all things software, these things often take more time than you initially expect! So we have doubled down on this product to start to apply some more polish to it, and get it ready to scale out in 2023.

We have often operated purely as a remote based company, but we decided in 2023, as we build out the team further, we should open a UK based office (in Slough), so if anyone wants to pop in for Coffee, please do!

Finally, we also did some recruitment (2 new joiners!) and continued to build out processes ready for our next phase of growth!

2023 Q1

So for the first 3 months in 2023, we are continue to focus on Pet Spa where we will be developing out new Dashboards and improving the Metrics side of the product. That is long overdue!

The second thing we are working on is an method to enable you to increase your prices more easily! (very important in the current climate).

The third thing for Pet Spa, is a big improvement on Contract handling, with regards to re-publishing, or finding people that have not signed more easily.

Hopefully there will be a fourth feature which we think will really kick ass! but this is a top secret feature 🙂

Aside from Pet Spa, we are continuing to apply polish to our Pet stay (boarding + Kennel software) product, and continuing the Phase 2 work we have started on Groom School. So by end of Q1 2023, we will be pretty happy with those three products.

From a business perspective, we are looking to continue the growth we have seen in 2022!

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