Pet Business Email Marketing Made Easy

by Lisa Gill

Pet Business Email Marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly the best friend of a pet business owner. In this article, you will get to know all the basics of email marketing to attract your customers. 

What is Email Marketing?

In simple words, pet business email marketing involves sending interactive emails to target customers and prospects. Effective emails converted the identified prospects into loyal customers. 

In spite of the rise of social media, email still remains one of the best and most effective methods of nurturing leads and boosting customer loyalty. It might be surprising for you to know that approximately 96 percent customers check their emails regularly. No other communication channel possesses such potential.

Actually, on any platform of social media, your account could be deleted or suspended any time without any notice. The same does not apply to an email. No-one can really take your lead away from you. Customers who purchase products marketed through emails tend to spend 138% more than the ones who do not receive emails. Thus, email is one of the best ways available to get online bookings and sales.

How Best to do Email-Marketing?

When it comes to pet business email marketing, there are several steps that are included in it. You might think that it is a complicated process but that is not really true. 

Begin with a List

The very first step that you need to focus on is beginning with a list. The bottom line is that you cannot really send out emails if you don’t really have a list to send your emails to. Another important thing to remember is that your campaign will not work and will not deliver the required results if you don’t have the right people to send your emails to.

In Savvy you have an inbuilt customer list with the ability to add individuals to a marketing list specifically or to a general communication list. You can also subdivide your clients by flagging customers into sub-sections so that your marketing is always relevant to the type of client you are e-mailing. It will help in making sure that you are really connected with your audience. 

pet business email marketing
Pet Business Email Marketing

You might want to routinely start recording new potential customers too that enquire with you but who do not book in there and then. Give them a “New Enquiry” flag, then you can target a different send to all message to new people who are not yet clients, You could also flag those that are adhoc clients and not on a schedule and target those guys with a marketing email all about the benefits of regular grooming

Growing your List

In order to grow your client list and therefore your business, you can make the subject of your emails a “special offer” better known as a lead magnet. A lead magnet is actually something awesome and incredible that you offer for free in exchange for the email address of your potential customer. 

Remember, it does not really cost you anything. You should just keep in mind that most lead magnets are digital materials such as videos or audios that you can develop yourself at minimal cost. 

What content could I offer?

It can be anything as long as it serves to offer value to your visits without having to cost them anything. Some popular examples of lead magnets are free samples, trials, coupons, and even case studies. For pet owners a “free guide to how to brush your dog” would be a perfect lead magnet. Something encouraging new clients to give you their email address in. return for something useful for them.

What makes a lead magnet successful?

There are some specific elements that make a lead magnet effective. For instance, they need to be consumed easily. Keep it short, sweet and easily readable or quick to watch, a 10 page essay will put people off.

Other than being easily consumable, they need to be actionable. For instance, lead magnets must give the audience something they can easily use, hence why advice on how to brush your dog is something most dog owners need and those keen to do things right would also lap up.

Who will a lead magnet attract?

For you, it would have the benefit of attracting your perfect client, the dog owner who is proactively looking for ways to look after their dogs coat and well being and prepared to go that extra mile for their 4 legged friend. Whats important is to use this kind of valuable content to get people to subscribe to your mailing list.

Get permission!

Now, before you can really email someone, you need to consider their permission. In Savvy you have to opt your clients in to marketing. This is really crucial, whether you use Savvy or any other software for marketing you need to have the client happy to agree to be on your mailing list (you could use the contract feature in Savvy to cover this also) and with Savvy your clients can also choose to opt out of pet business email marketing as well at anytime, another crucial feature. 

What should I avoid?

There are places online where you can purchase email lists of your target clients, this might sound like a great idea, and a time saver. Be careful! it is not a shortcut. In fact, it is not recommended. 

Not least of all, this kind of cold emailing to someone who has no interest in your service is not really that worthwhile anyway and a bit of a time-waster, far better to attract your ideal client with a lead magnet and bring them onboard with their permission and add them legitimately to your email list.

Mail Chimp

One of the most popular email marketing softwares is Mail Chimp. In fact, it is an incredible tool and software for those people who are just beginning. After all, it is quite simple to set up and it offers an effective user interface. With the use of this software, you can also add new subscribers to some specific segments with ease. 

It offers a free plan for approximately 2,000 subscribers but if you really want to make the use of an autoresponder, then you will be required to switch and consider a paid plan. In simple words, with an increment in size, you will be paying more.

It’s ideal to use to set up a landing page where people can sign up to your newsletter and in exchange you can send out your super valuable content.

Savvy Pet Spa

If you want to keep everything in Savvy you can! Pop a post on your social media, on all the local dog owners groups and local pages and tell your audience that you have a new super amazing new ‘Guide to Brushing your New Puppy”.

All they have to do is ping you a message with their email address and you promise to then send it out. Use Savvy and add all those leads that are asking for your ‘lead magnet’ into your customer list. Flag them as ‘New Enquiries’ and then you can use Savvy to opt them in to your mailing list and send regular updates via send to all by flag to keep them abreast of whats happening in your amazing world!

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