Savvy’s month of incredible groundbreaking new features

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This month is going to be sooooo exciting!

Savvy is going to have a month of incredible groundbreaking new features. We’ve been crazy busy behinds the scenes and working on some pretty awesome things! Watch this space to find out more…

Since we launched 2 years ago, Savvy has released well over 100 features. Because our software is developed specifically with you, the groomer in mind, we ALWAYS listen very carefully to your suggestions.

What has Savvy done for Groomers world wide so far?

Feeding back ideas is so important to us and some of the smallest things you have suggested, like flags to warn you about certain dogs or being able to copy and paste appointments, are just brilliant.

We’re the first UK grooming software to bring out online booking, or give you a gorgeous website. The first to do checkin-forms or electronic contracts. You guessed it, the first to do flags or multi-pet appointments, to link to quickbooks or xero. The one click appointment message buttons are just brilliant (yes we brought you those first) and we thought of the send to all, send to all by flag and send to all by date range. We’re the only software to bring your pet owners a customer portal.

Our Promise to You…

We always try to live up to our mission statement to make our groomers be the most successful groomers out there by LISTENING to what they need, innovating and giving them the tools and groundbreaking new features to help them be AWESOME!

Do you need all these features?!

OMG YES!!!! Each and every one is designed for you to help grow your business, to be the best that you can be, to make you more money, give you more time and give your clients a better experience. So don’t be fooled, innovation is a good thing, an AMAZING thing and you have a home grown UK software business totally dedicated to your success!

What’s next?

So, whats next??? 100 New Unique Features in the first 2 years is great, BUT WE WANT MORE! This month will bring probably the most groundbreaking new features yet. Just wait and see what we have in store for you!

But ssssshhhhhh! The most groundbreaking new features are all top secret until 25th March. ONLY 2 weeks to go

iCal & Google Integration

So to tease you we’re starting off with the smaller stuff but still awesome and after months of battling with Google we are super pleased to bring you the latest feature to be released – iCal & Google calendar integration.

Both of these calendars are widely used by our groomers for their personal diaries, Savvy takes care of the business, and many use the calendar to schedule in meetings and holidays in Savvy too, but if you are already an avid google calendar user or a big fan of apples calendar, then having it integrate with your Savvy is a godsend!

You can choose to sync your diary one way or both, show your google/iCal calendar entries on Savvy or your Savvy entries on google/ical.


You can now also fully integrate your gmail accounts too, so now everything that you send from Savvy will also show in your google sent items.

Casey has done you a couple of short video’s to get you going….

We love you all making requests and feeding back ideas, this is exactly what is making the software so great. If you haven’t already, please join our Savvy Pet Spa feedback group . We welcome you to leave your comments, feedback and ideas.

If you haven’t tried Savvy yet or haven’t been on for ages (trust me even just a month or two is a long time in our world), then now might be the time to try it again. Sign up for free here…

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