Savvy has exciting plans in the works for 2021.

by Ian Georgopoulos


We are well into the first month of 2021. Everyone at Savvy wishes you all a great year ahead filled with prosperity. Savvy has exciting plans in the works for 2021.

As we all know, UK is currently on lockdown 3.0, why not use this valuable time to get organised with Savvy Pet Spa! Savvy has exciting plans in the works and to kick start the new year Savvy brought out a big software release. We’ve recently added lots of up-dates which we will run through individually in our up-and-coming blogs. This week, we are happy to announce the customer portal is now up and running. We know the portal is greatly anticipated by our groomers. The video below takes you through the new set up wizard, menus, flags, calendar quick buttons, messaging, customer portal.

What is the Customer portal?

For those on Extra, you now have access to the customer portal. Customers can log in, check their information and appointments on your Savvy system!

You can find the portal in settings > web > portal. This will give you the ability to switch it on/off and set up your company colours.

You can now invite an existing client to use the portal, you search for their profile and click to invite the client. They then can log in with their email address. You can set/reset a password prior to inviting them. Clients can edit their personal details and see invoices, contracts and future appointments.

Currently we have released a small part of the portal functionality. This is to ensure everyone gets familiar using it. In the near future, we will allow customers to edit more details, sign contracts, pay invoices and book online.

Savvy relaunches our referral scheme

Savvy has decided to relaunch our referral scheme for Savvy groomers. You will get £50 when any of your grooming friends joins Savvy and stays with us for 3 months. Below is a video showing how to access the fab scheme, get your unique code and how to invite your friends.

If you haven’t already, please join our Savvy Pet Spa feedback group We have a lovely grooming community and welcome you to leave your comments, feedback and ideas.

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