New Savvy features brought out since lock down.

by Ian Georgopoulos

New Savvy features brought out since lock down.

As more and more of us start going back to work. All of us at Savvy Pet Spa want to thank everyone for their patience during the Covid 19 pandemic. During lock down, we have released many new Savvy features that would help you during lock down and also when you all started going back to work. We wanted to do everything we could to make sure that you had the tools you need to ensure your safety and help you guys to make your businesses resilient given the unusual times.

We love you all making requests and feeding back ideas, this is exactly what has made the software so great. For those that have been with us since the early days you will testify to the hundreds of groomer led changes that have been made over the last 2 years.

In lock down we delivered:

  • Send to all document attachments.
  • Send Message features to all booked on selected days.
  • Icons for the calendar to prioritise rebooking.
  • Booking Maps to aid mobile groomers to reduce travel.
  • Made check-in forms email-able and useful as check-out.
  • Allowed you to send contact forms from settings.
  • Electronic – invoicing improvements to allow non-contact upfront payments.
  • Launched the Savvy shops to give you alternative revenue.

This quick video shows you how the contact and check-in forms work…

And this one is great if you want to set up the e-invoicing…

What else have we been doing during Lock down?

During lock down we ran daily webinars and daily coffee mornings and took part in the groomer’s lock down. We gave all our groomers 500 free SMS to take away the worry of bulk messaging. We offered the first month free to all new users wanting to use the time to switch over to us. Also we helped a record number of groomers to get going with the system, inputting many thousands of customer and pet data into their new Savvy Pet Spa accounts.

I would like to thank you each and every one of you for all your support during this difficult time. We believe that the best way to overcome this pandemic is by supporting each other whenever possible. If you have been waiting for a specific feature, which we haven’t released yet, we thank you for your patience and we will get to it as soon as possible, we promise we have not been deliberately dragging our heels!

If you missed the last of the lock down webinars on all the new features and staying safe with Savvy, catch it here

If you are feeling info overload, don’t panic!! The Savvy Pet Spa team are always here to help. Click HELP top right if you cant work something out or book a 1:1 dedicated time where you have our full attention to go through everything with you again, answer all of your questions or even train your team up. These are not just for new Savvy members, anyone who wants a hand with anything Savvy wise, feel free to book a slot anytime!

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