Savvy Pet Spa continues to develop software!

by Ian Georgopoulos

Savvy Pet Spa Continues to develop software

Here at Savvy Pet Spa, we commit to meet the needs of all our customers. That’s why we are working non-stop behind the scenes developing our software and continue to release new features. Following on from feedback from our users, we are working on key areas of improvement.

Many people dont even realise we are only 18 months old. We launched Savvy Pet Spa in December 2018 and in the past 18 months we have released more features requested by groomers than any other software has for this industry in the last 10 years.

As one of the only UK born and bred companies, we are super proud to be writing the software in house from scratch and responding to UK groomers directly. Our vision is to build a software platform with all the latest technology that never stops improving, in the way that groomers never stop learning and growing and perfecting their technique, we are no different. In technology, as soon as you stand still you are already outdated. Technology changes rapidly and we always want to bring our clients the best. This is a journey and we want our groomers to grow with us!

So what are we currently up to?

We are currently working hard on back end work that will not be immediately visible to you. We have been working on this phase for the past 6 weeks and expect we still have another 4-6 weeks to go. So it’s a long process, but we are getting there, and we are very excited about this. This work is ground breaking and will enable Savvy to grow as a company and upscale our software platform in the next few years, so we must get this essential work done now. We have 5 people working hard behind the scenes in our development team; they are working non-stop to bring you benefits which will include:

  • Continue to release new features
  • Developing a fast turnaround time
  • Providing better quality software
  • Fixing bugs faster
  • Ability to write more tests
  • Get more developers working on the code base
  • Performance optimisation

Thank you for your patience during this period. We do realise we are not able to respond as quickly as we would like sometimes. However, Savvy Pet Spa are always there for all our customers and we will not stop working until we have amazing software for our groomers!

We love you all making requests and feeding back ideas, this is exactly what has made the software so great. If you haven’t already, please join our Savvy Pet Spa feedback group where you can leave your comments and ideas.

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