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Savvy Pet Spa Software

Today we are thrilled to have a guest blogger Emma, talk about her experiences of her first year with Savvy Pet Spa Software. Thanks Emma, its fab to hear about your journey with Savvy Pet Spa!

Hi! I am Emma Steadman owner of #DOGSBude or Dogs of Great Style and user of Savvy Pet Spa.

I’ve been running the salon since 2014 always using a paper diary, paper notes, and spending a lot of time on the phone calling people back. 

Well, all of that started to change over a year ago when I took the jump and dived in feet first with Savvy Pet Spa software. It was a headache transferring ALL the details as I do like to make notes! But, Wow! What a difference! Even as a single groomer, I had a filing cabinet draw full of cards and files for owners and dogs. My filing cabinet is so much lighter, I haven’t looked at a paper diary since about 3/6 months in. The transformation with just using the basics was brilliant!

And then we hit lock down….

I took this time to really go through all the extra features!

I set up my contract at last! This previously had always been verbal with my customers, so it was great to have this in place. I am emailing these out, as each dog comes in, for clients to sign. It’s so simple for them to do this all online, clicking the link and signing either with a touch screen device or using a mouse.

So how do we gather all that info for new clients?

Next up, was to sort out the experience for new clients to come to meet me. Every owner with an email address, I now get to email me over some basic pet name details. I can then use their address to send out a more detailed email all about me my salon, how I work and a linked ‘contact form’ for them to fill. This has all my essential details so I can make their profile in Savvy Pet Spa to further limit face to face time in the salon. (This also works as a safeguard to ensure they are receiving all my emails and are not disappearing into the pesky Junk/Spam mail!)

Using Savvy Pet Spa Software to get reviews…

Once I had my basics sorted I looked at my ‘complete email’ this is sent out with one click from the software. I use this as my last click on that appointment after I have checked payment has been made and I have filled in all notes. In this I have all my usual thank you’s for visiting me and I have links to places I would appreciate reviews like as I am very proud to have my full level 3 qualification and definitely shouting from the ‘let’s get dog grooming regulated’ corner!

This is also the prime place to link owners straight to my owners only group, where I live stream most grooming from my salon (along with me singing along to the radio- unfortunately, Facebook was going to slap my wrist if I didn’t stop broadcasting the radio so it’s now in one ear so owners can only hear me singing to their dogs!)

Got to love a check-in form!

Lastly, the newest and most fabulous part! The amazing check-in forms! They are so adaptive it really is the most awesome thing ever! So you know all the pleasantries we would normally do at hand over – well I have made a check-in template that I email over before their appointment. So, before the dog is even in the salon I know how the dog has been – any changes that have happened & if they have visited the vet. The best bit – if they would like anything different to the last visit. Shorter? Longer ears? Has the dog got knots and if so please take it all off to start over – yes there has been a lot of that these last few weeks. The bestest bit now ANYONE can drop the dog off! 

Check-in forms can also work in reverse! I have a template I have created for a check-out form that I fill in with any details I need to relay back to the owner and details on how to book the next appointment or as arranged if they are already scheduled. 

Emails really are the way forward. You or the owners can send them over at any time of day when they find a few minutes to look at it all. Likewise, I send the check-out emails as I go IF I have time otherwise they wait till the end of the day. Having an unread icon against owners who have emailed in means nothing gets missed! I’m loving it!

Lots more features I’m using now too but I’ll save that for another time! 

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