How to propel your grooming business in 2020!

by Lisa Gill


Tonights bulletin tells you all about the launch of our amazing new features. If you ever needed proof that we are totally dedicated here at Savvy to helping you make your own business a success here is the proof. Our guys have delivered the most gorgeous websites, so now you can have the full package. A totally contemporary, perfect window to your business with our all new Groomer Websites. Perfect for you new groomers, those just starting out, those without a website and for those that just fancy a new look for 2020.

All part of the Extra package, no scary web developer fees, no hidden costs. A totally free website that integrates perfectly with our all new Booking Engine, this is a seamless, sleek system for your clients to see your availability and request to book a slot online anytime of the day or night! Does your booking system work this hard for you even when you are eating Xmas pud and watching Home Alone?!

For those of you on Advanced, Extra or Connect, say hello to your new client portal. You can now send your lovely new revamped contracts to your clients, in a format that looks totally professional, even better than before (if possible) and that can be opened on anything, so no more worrying if the client got your T’s & C’s.

Trust me this is just the start of what will be a totally amazing year for Savvy Pet Spa and our Savvy Groomers. We intend to make sure our clients have every tool available to them to make 2020 the most successful year yet. You think we have achieved a lot in 2019?! Watch this space, we’ve only just got started!!!

Now I’m off to put the tree up, pink and sparkly in true Savvy style!!

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