Bulletin 15/10

by Lisa Gill


This weeks Savvy newsletter covers security, a hugely important topic. We at Savvy check regularly that we are doing everything we can to make sure your data is safe. All our services are running in highly scalable, fault tolerant, distributed services, which means that they are super reliable. We can if we need more capacity increase our servers at the touch of a button. Your data is backed up daily and is managed by global database providers. We check regularly our security ratings against security vulnerabilities and come out regularly as an A- or a B with minor tweaks suggested this is a fantastic performance. Many other similar providers if you check them out score far below us, often getting an F rating. So be reassured you are in safe hands and Savvy Pet Spa is a company that takes security seriously and can prove it!

Our technology is absolutely up to date, and we spend a lot of time ensuring that your system is future proof and able to cope with the changes in technology that they run on. Many older systems suffer from being unable to change or move quickly when needed. This is how we are also able to listen to our groomers and implement new features bringing them to your salon rapidly.

If you have any more questions on security we are always happy to discuss it, it is a favourite subject of ours and we will gladly show you how important it is to us! Read more on how you can check your own software and compare it to Savvy Pet Spa on this weeks Bulletin

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