The 1st Birthday Countdown Begins!

by Lisa Gill


Savvy Pet Spa have had a fantastic year so far and in the run up to our anniversary we thought now would be a perfect time to look at where we have come from and all the super exciting things on the horizon for Savvy and for our lovely clients!

Where it all began….

So it’s nearly 1 year since we first dipped our toe into the water at The British Dog Grooming Championships. Oct 2018. No-one had heard about us, no-one knew we were there. Although it appeared we popped out of nowhere in a blinding mass of pink sparkles, actually we had been busy behind the scenes for 4 years at that point! Writing software takes a long time and writing it in the way that Ben and his team have done it is unbelievably difficult but incredibly clever!

Our wonderful groomers generally aren’t aware but the software has been written in a very special way which allows us to easily tailor the software to the needs of our users. This is the reason why we’ve been able to so quickly and easily really listen to our users, and move quickly to provide functionality, a button here, a link there, a report on this, a screen that shows that. Totally meeting the needs of the groomers that use the software. So that one year on we have developed from a fairly simple piece of grooming software, to grooming software that is second to none in terms of being everything a dog groomer needs. Ben is obsessive though, so his initial vision of Savvy Pet Spa being simple to use, lightning quick, and a nice, clean piece of user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, intelligent grooming software still stands.

So what did we get up to in our first year?

Over the course of the year we have met some amazing people, we have seen that the grooming industry is full of committed talented and loyal groomers, many have seen and understand what we are trying to do. Most of whom recognise that we are trying to give back to the grooming world and actually invest in making something amazing just for them. Not a beauty software forced to work for a groomer, not a US system made to fit the UK market, but a home grown UK grooming software system, with UK customer support, there when you need us and committed to carrying on working until the grooming software really is by far and away the best for our groomers. Open to change, open to ideas and really committed to making it happen.

We’ve attended 18 grooming shows or seminars from Aberdeen to Dublin to Wigan to Kent and Llanelli and everywhere in between! We’ve worked with some awesome organisations and built some fantastic relationships and are super proud to be endorsed by BIGA, PIF, Groomers Spotlight and ICMG. Many training schools are now telling their students about us and this is something we are really proud of!

Savvy Pet Spa Grooming Software at British Isles Grooming Association Show

What Next for Savvy Pet Spa?

But what next for Savvy Pet Spa Grooming Software? Well Over the weeks running up to our official 1 year anniversary of going live on 1st Dec (watch out BIGA we are planning on celebrating at the BIGA show – there must at least be cake) we won’t be taking our foot off the pedal. A new fantastic booking platform for our Extra online booking clients, Quickbooks and Xero integration to support our groomers with the move to making tax digital, a new Connect Plan to support those groomers who like to communicate a lot via SMS with their clients,  a revamped referral scheme for 2020 to better reward our amazing groomers that tell their friends about Savvy, an Advocate and Ambassador loyalty plan to say a big thankyou to those Savvy groomers that go out of their way to share the Savvy love. 

Say hello to Savvy Glam!

Finally what is on the horizon for Savvy as a company? Well our final bit of big news is that Savvy is expanding! We are launching Savvy Glam, the new business management system for the Beauty Industry on Sunday at Olympia Beauty. True to the Savvy brand, we have used the clever technology that sits behind Savvy and have developed a new beauty specific platform, not a revamp of Pet Spa but a tailored, specific intuitive platform that is designed to meet the needs of the Beauty therapist and salon owner.

So now as well as pink sparkles, we are ready with our purple sparkly curtains and can’t wait to join the wonderful world of Beauty. So next time all of you guys are having your nails done or sitting at a hair salon having yourself some much deserved pampering, spread the Savvy love! The great news for you is that your Savvy Pet Spa referral codes will work for all Savvy Glam too. The full website goes live on Sunday, until then here is a sneak peak!

Savvy Glam intuitive Software for Beauticians

Here’s looking forward to exciting times ahead! Our 1 year birthday party and planning all the new features for both Pet Spa and Glam for 2020!

Love as always from the Savvy Team!

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